The Price of Getting the Chores Done

I am having a helluva┬átime making Bible study a daily habit. In years past I was much better able to establish a routine for it, but right now (and for the past several months) I have allowed myself to fall victim to the tyranny of the SEEMINGLY urgent–chores and tasks that really ought to take a back seat to quality time with the LORD, but that present themselves in my brain as things that require immediate attention. Invariably, the few things that may, indeed, be urgent are dispensed with quickly but then lead “naturally” to other, non-urgent matters and soon I’ve used up all my waking hours. What my brain really needs is the 15-30 minutes each day reading God’s Word, savoring it, reflecting on it–but instead, my brain races to its own to-do list that grounds me to this world. I am thankful to know that the Creator of this same world (and its constructs of time) loves me and knows my frustrations and desires, but I miss the deeper fellowship with Him that is so readily available, were I to merely take it.