The Tyranny of Genius

There’s a scene in the movie “Broadcast News” where Jane, the producer, is trying to convince Paul, the executive producer and Jane’s boss, that he is making a terrible mistake in judgment by selecting a particular anchorman to present a breaking story. Paul rebuffs her: “That’s your opinion; I disagree.”

“It’s not opinion,” Jane responds boldly.

Paul stares at her for a moment. “You are just absolutely right, and I’m absolutely wrong,” he says. Jane purses her lips and delivers a single nod of agreement.

“It must be nice to have all the answers, to always know that you’re the smartest person in the room,” Paul quips with sarcastic annoyance.

“No,” a somber Jane replies, “it’s awful.”

Jane is my kindred spirit, and you’re in my world now.

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